shoe of the day...

shoe of the day...

Friday, April 24, 2009

new addition...

y'all, i have been w
anting a thermos for a long time now. i love my travel mug, but some days [most days...] it doesn't hold quite enough coffee to get me through the day [or morning.] i could, conceivably, make coffee at work, but i drink decaf [or at least a split of decaf and regular] and i'm pretty sure my co-workers would notice [...and riot.] for about two months i'd been using a sleek, stainless-steel coffee thermos from home, but it held just barely more than my regular coffee mug [confession: i would take both the thermos AND my travel mug to work. like a bag lady, with mugs.]

all that has changed.

my lovely sister kept promising me that she had an old thermos in the basement [i'm really hoping said thermos did not come with the house. although, really, who am i kidding: i'd use it anyway.] for weeks upon weeks she taunted me with dreams of the stanley thermos, in its green, steel-sided glory...complete with handle.

greeting me this morning as i left for work [in addition to the adorableness that is my neice and nephew, having breakfast in their pajamas] was none other than the thermos. filled with coffee. so shiny. so beautiful. i felt prepared to conquer the world...or at least remain upright at my desk for more than two consecutive hours.

thank you, foo foo. you've made my friday bearable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


it's nice of mrs. freshley to offer up a snack with only 100 calories.
those of us who still eat food appropriate for third-graders are most appreciative.

i do, however, think she has an awful lot of faith in the consumer, seeing as how it's 100 calories, per roll, but two rolls come packaged together.

she is sneaky, that mrs. freshley.
sneaky indeed.

[yes. i ate them both.]

follow that...

oh, lordy.

so. i don't particularly care for birds. they tend to make me a little nervous. and uncomfortable. thankfully, i don't live in an area overpopulated by birds [i.e. near the beach.] although, maybe i'd be used to them a bit more of they were around more [note: i do not actually believe this, nor do i wish to test this theory.]

this morning, a bird [pigeon, i would guess] flew into my office window. twice. he has since decided to camp out on the ledge of said window. he's just chilling out. hanging around. WATCHING ME. blinking.

birds blink a lot.

i. am. not. pleased.
in fact, i'm feeling a wee bit queasy.

i'm a little worried that he's injured [although, i did look at him through the window and found no visible sign of blood, etc.] which will result in about 247853 of his bird friends coming to his bird aid to help him out. unless he's a loner. which sort of makes me sad. although, i'd prefer it to having an army of birds camped out on the ledge, nursing him back to health.

if ever there was a moment where i've felt my life has become a hitchcock movie, this would certainly be it.

he just flew away. i think he sensed that he wasn't wanted.
either that, or he's pissed because i won the staring contest.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a letter

dear ed,

it's really nice to hear that you are no longer in debt. that you owe nothing, at the moment, to anyone. i'm glad that you're going to visit your grandchildren for a month and that, following that trip, you'll be going to north carolina to visit your OTHER grandchildren for a month. it's also heartening, in this day and age rife with divorce and infidelity, to learn that you're taking your wife of 43 years to europe toward the end of the year. i couldn't be happier for you. i mean that sincerely.

but if you don't get off the phone and fix the copier, we're going to have some serious problems.

the cranky lady in the next room

kicking the machine doesn't help...

trust me.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


i'm amazed that these...

have the potential to become this: