shoe of the day...

shoe of the day...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

toad silliness

nate was supposed to be imitating the quizno's commercials that he found so riotous, but he refused to do so for my camera phone. thus, i'm punishing him by posting fourteen seconds of his silliness and absurdity. my favorite part is the nervous-tic head duck toward the end.
[note: the sound isn't synching up, which sort of adds to the charm.]

Monday, July 14, 2008

lunch scene

overheard at camille's restaurant while waiting to place my order:

CUSTOMER: ...absolutely right. i think this smoothie is a much better idea. healthier.

BOY BEHIND COUNTER: oh, definitely. with all the fruit and the...blueberries.

CUSTOMER: blueberries are so good for you!

BBC: it's all those anti-oxidants. they're really good for your eyesight...[visibly thinking], your memory! i'd forgetten.

CUSTOMER: yes! it's for memory. i read that once in an article but forgot.

thank god for blueberries.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

you know who you are

dear bookstore customers [or anyone shopping anywhere at anytime]:

while i heartily thank you for your purchases at our fine establishment, i would like to offer up these helpful hints to aid in the check-out process:
  • please do not use the counter to balance your checkbook while a line of 8 people form behind you
  • please do not stop procuring payment to have an extended conversation with another person
  • please do not ask me to throw out half-empty beverage containers, especially when you are on your way out of the store and will undoubtedly encounter a large trash recepticle
  • please do not "apologize" for using coins to pay for a $20 book, when the act was premeditated [as evidenced by the ziploc bag used to transport said coins]
  • regarding cell phones: either keep talking to the person [ignoring the cashier outright, so as to avoid, "are you talking to me?"-based confusion] or get off the damn phone
  • please remember that i am not a human calculator
  • please do not look at me as though i'm incompetent solely because i have not read the obscure russian novel that you are thinking of purchasing, for which you'd like a recommendation
  • please do not ask me to baby-sit your child, whom you've precariously perched on the counter, in order to "just grab this magazine" halfway across the store

and, finally:

  • please keep telling me i have nice skin; it's much appreciated

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


a recent chalk portrait of myself and my mom by one, olivia cecelia:

the artist clearly stands by her work: