shoe of the day...

shoe of the day...

Monday, April 28, 2008


...i live with the perpetual fear that i will someday drop my keys down the elevator shaft, leaving me permanently stranded at work.

Friday, April 11, 2008


there are some days when only a monstrous cookie from
orange glory will make things better.
today is one of those days.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

earring ye bells

i mentioned this incident earlier, but because i feel like posting something and my pictures aren't downloading properly today [grr] i'll go ahead and tell the tale of the nearly lost earring.

these are, absolutely, my favorite pair of earrings. my sister bought them for me from tiffany & co. to thank me for being big al's godmother. i've worn them, literally, all but four days since i received them in november. love them. love. them. they're the perfect size and they go with every outfit [even the crazy ones.] plus, every morning when i put them on i think of the bebes; what better way to start one's day?

i was at work about a week ago, having a crazed morning. was in the kitchen putting my lunch in the fridge. was downstairs unlocking the studio and searching for someone's forgotten homework. was in the vault pulling out posters. was at kate's desk answering her phone. was in bit's office pulling out some files for her. ugh. crazy. non-stop. i was sitting at my desk at around 11, typing, when the back to the right earring fell onto my keyboard. odd, yes? where was the post? nowhere to be found. of course this was one of those ridiculously cold mornings, so i had a sweater, a coat and a hat to comb through. shook them all out, one by one.

no post.

got up to retrace my steps. went to the kitchen. went to the vault. went downstairs into the studio. sat at kate's desk. sat at bit's desk.

no post.

i believe it was at this precise moment that i began to panic, except that panic isn't exactly the right word. i became so sad that i'd lost my earring -- not in a materialistic sense, but more for what the earring meant to me. i went onto the tiffany & co. website, prepared to order a new pair, but emailed customer service instead asking about a replacement post. while i was waiting for their response, i finished up some work. went back into bit's office to re-file a document, pulled out her file drawer and broke into a cold sweat [seriously. i have really responsive glands.]

stuck, bead side up, amongst her files folders was my earring.
it was so freaky.
i think the earring gnomes have nieces and nephews. they must have felt bad for me.

also? who knew i was so organized as to re-file a document that quickly?
so efficient.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

from teale...

"I just did a very Teale thing - I braided a small piece of hair and didn't know what to use to hold the ends together - so I used a glue stick...."


i'm behind on the g*t-sp. well, i'm behind on posting about it, not behind on the actual t-shirtiness of it. last week was some random tee with a screen printed motorcycle [it doesn't have a super exciting story behind it.] this week, however, is a good one. but i can't post about it yet because i only mailed it out on monday. so, you'll have just have to wonder about it until the end of the week when it arrives.

the lag time in mailing things makes me antsy, and yet i love going to the post office [especially since the advent of the automated postal machine. bliss!] i love sending and receiving mail. i love the surprise of waking up and getting the mail [or, you know, getting home from work at ten in the evening and getting your mail] and finding a letter or a package. a postcard from a friend who is in thailand. the latest issue of your favorite magazine. and i love sending packages and letters. my excitement usually gets the best of me and i wind up asking if they've received anything in the mail before the item has actually been delivered [thus negating their ability to experience the surprise aspect. so...i suck with regard to that.] but i love the mail.
i love you, usps. stop increasing the price of stamps and we'll be on even better terms.


i took this picture while waiting for the elevator after a long day at the office.
and...i...totally look like an insect. my left eye is huge! and my right eye looks like it's gone rogue. i don't normally enjoy photos of myself but this one makes me happy. oh, and take notice of the earring in my left ear. there's a story about that coming up shortly.