shoe of the day...

shoe of the day...

Friday, August 21, 2009

dear driver

dear driver,

i mean, really? you thought this was an acceptable parking job?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

inventory time

took a quick inventory this morning of my desk area. here are some highlights of what i have cluttering up my work space:
  • giant box of oreos, newly acquired [this morning, in fact] from my co-worker suzanne
  • nectarine that i failed to eat yesterday, growing a bit mushy
  • peanut butter & raspberry jelly sandwich, also from yesterday
  • bag of almonds & pecans
  • mary poppins umbrella
  • two vhs tapes, contents unknown
  • wind-up dancing bee
  • a lot of pens
  • two stacks of post-it notes
  • two packets of starbucks instant coffee
  • a lot of paper
  • the stanley thermos
  • my to-do list
  • pile of my own business cards
  • files upon files upon files
  • two back issues of vogue [one from 2005, one from 2006]
this is really only the tip of an ever expanding iceberg. i wish i could describe my 'wall of fame' that looms large over my desk...essentially 5 years [since we moved to the new office] of pictures, drawings, articles, quotes, notes, etc. that have found their way to my cork strips, magnetic desk and memo board. it's kind of amazing, actually.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mellow yellow cardigan

remember that plan to post while on vacation? yeah. that never happened. too much sun, sand, ocean, fries, lobster, smiling children, books and whatnot to be had. there will be stories at some point. although, i'm beginning to sound like the girl who cried blog posts... anyway. what i can tell you about is this yellow sweater:

i have purchased this sweater three times. three times. i have wanted a yellow cardigan for quite some time, and i watched it diligently, circling the sale rack at old navy, waiting for it to go down to an acceptable [for me] price. it finally did, and i bought it immediately. a few weeks after that, i was in a different old navy, and i saw the same sweater for about three dollars cheaper. i wasn't sure it was worth purchasing this sweater and returning the first one [or hassling over a price adjustment] but i picked up sweater number two anyway, and eventually returned sweater number one.

whilst on vacation in lovely maine, we frequented the kittery outlets [similar to the outlets in waterloo.] i went into old navy on the off chance that they might have something interesting [aside from this/these sweater/s my interest in old navy is waning.] what did they have? this sweater - for three dollars. i bought it, and promptly returned sweater number two upon our return to rochester.
so. there you have it. the story of the three dollar cardigan.

i'm almost thirty...i see a lot of cardigans in my future as it is. i may as well spend as little as possible on them.