shoe of the day...

shoe of the day...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

be prepared

today i'm wearing wellies.
bring it on, winter weather.
bring. it. on.

dear driver

dear navy blue ford minivan:

it is clear that you lack the skills to properly back into a parking space, as evidenced by the two foot protrusion into the driving area of the parking garage -- not only today, but yesterday as well.

when you're getting outparked by the hepatitis van, you know it's time to switch to public transportation.

your friend,
the foci

Thursday, January 8, 2009


i meant to post this yesterday but ran out of time. shut up, 2009.

today [yesterday] i wore my green esprit boots, purchased circa 2005 - online for about $30. who even knew esprit still existed? these boots have held up, moreso than any other shoe i've had since then i would have to say. they're super comfortable, acceptably ugly, and warm. and they have good traction. and they don't make my feet sweat. and they're GREEN, which means they match nearly nothing and i wear them with nearly everything.

long live the green esprit storm-trooper boots!


during my trip to wegmans to procure more items for SOUP, i ran across quite possibly the greatest [or at least best-named] product:

i read a lot of recipes and i've never come across the need for artichoke bottoms. but if/when i do, you can bet i'm going to make it. something about the word BOTTOM is inherently funny.

[insert incessant giggling]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

at the movies

i'm not doing so well with this here resolution, it seems. i completely forgot to write something yesterday -- although, i wore the same boots again, so in terms of shoes it would have been a wash. and i'm just getting this post in under the wire. lame. and apparently, according to my sister, my first post of 2009 was, "kind of boring." hmm. this year has kind of gotten off to a slow start, i guess. i sent nondate packing back to florida on saturday for a couple of months. that was less than fantastic. i did, however, take olivia to see 'bolt' this past weekend -- so that was a much needed highlight. she's been my movie-going buddy since she was nearly two, and is most definitely the most well-behaved kid i have ever encountered in a movie theater -- hands down. she doesn't yell or cry or whine. she is conscious of the fact that there are other people in the theater and doesn't distract them or look to be distracted. she brings excellent snacks. maybe it's because we scared the pants off of her when we took her to see 'wallace & grommit: curse of the were-rabbit' [the only movie, i am proud to say, we've ever had to leave mid-way through. and mostly because she was not quite two-years-old and covetous of the popcorn she couldn't yet eat.] we've seen countless films together; she has progressed from sitting on the 'silly seats' [actual movie theater seats that flip up/down], to sitting on my lap, and back to sitting on the theater seats. we've seen both pixar films that have been released in her lifetime ['ratatouille' and 'wall-e' -- the latter of which we saw twice], a number of not-bad animated features ['kung fu panda', 'madagascar '] and one classic ['snow white & the seven dwarfs']. i'm trying to teach her to have discerning tastes when it comes to choosing which film to see; that not everything that animated is going to be good. for example, we purposely avoided 'alvin & the chipmunks.' for a number of reasons, most of which involved cartoon rodents eating [literal] crap. we marveled at 'enchanted' -- later a favorite when purchased on dvd. we talk about each film we see both leading up to it and in the car on the way home. we comment on trailers for new films, which ones we plan on seeing and which ones look less than promising. going to the movies with olivia has become one of my favorite activities. i often sneak a glance at her while she's watching the film and am overwhelmed by the sheer joy displayed on her face. it is quite the beautiful sight to behold. we were chatting about 'bolt' on the way home from the theater last week, her telling me about her favorite characters and scenes and after a slight pause she said, "...and i can't WAIT to see 'desperaux'."


i wore my black, patent flats today. super sale at target. the second pair i'm on, actually, of this particular shoe. i often consider buying them in bulk. someday.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy shoe year

an initial new year's resolution had been to post at least once every day.
seeing as how today is now the 4th and it's the first post of the new year, i think we can abandon that idea.
i did, however, have a grander theme in mind with regard to the individual posts. i wanted to document what shoes i wore each day during 2009, to try and delve a bit deeper as to why i wore which pair on a certain day and how that might have affected my mood, my day, if there was a story behind why i purchased them to begin with...and to just have an excuse to talk about my shoes. i know that i'm late in starting this project, and who's to say that i'll follow though with any sort of regularity, but we'll give it a shot, eh?

it helps that for the first three days of the new year i wore the same pair of shoes:

i bought these on black friday this year, on severe sale. i fought the allure of uggs for a really long time, but when you live in upstate [or western, for those of you who think westchester is upstate] new york and it snows for four months out of the year, and you have to trek to your office through the slushy city streets in negative-degree-temperatures, they're actually a pretty good idea. also, these are technically 'emus', not uggs. thank you, macy's.

in the interest of being thorough, i did step into these this evening for a party hosted by my dear friend jimmy ['paulie bleeker', if you saw the halloween pictures]:

these are an old navy special: they were $7.99, plus an additional 30% off. bliss! i actually returned two pairs of flats that i ordered off the website for $1o apiece and bought these instead. i'm not a fan of toe cleavage, but i do love these shoes...